Chapter 13: The Difference Between Man and Skeleton

“Do you know where this is? Why do we appear here?” Keep exploring the same place in this paradise, Gao Shuo found that this seems to be a closed space. There is no way out. He asked casually, didn’t think Little Skeleton will know.

“Cultivation space… Boss’s…” The youth frowned, the big wet eyes stared straight at Gao Shuo, denounce expression. He doesn’t quite understand why boss changed after changing his appearance. Even forgetting the treasured space. No wonder boss always said that IQ is directly proportional to strength. Therefore, boss’s brain also broken with lowering strength.

              If Gao Shuo knows Little Skeleton’s thoughts, he will definitely cry. He point his nose and said, “What do you mean here is my space?”

              The youth nodded. The boss used to be good to him. Every time he was injured from a strong enemy, boss would take him to hide in the space. When the injury cured, they went out together.

              It turns out that the space can be for living things. Gao Shuo is amazed at everything in front of him. However, didn’t agree with Little Skeleton’s saying the space is his. Because he feels that he has not much contact with this space, although there is indeed a hint of induction.

“How do we get out?” asked Gao Shuo.

              The youth stared blankly at Gao Shuo. The black eyes once again flashed a bit of disgust. Why boss is so forgetful recently? This doesn’t remember, that also forgot, just like the amnesia he used to say. Forget it. Who call him the boss, said: “Think about going out in mind!”

              Gao Shuo said in his mind, but the scenery in front didn’t change. Look up, the youth stare at him blankly. Doesn’t seem to understand why it’s like this. The youth recall back carefully, then go toward in front of Gao Shuo. Pulling Gao Shuo’s hand, “Let’s try together!”

              The two think together about going out. The ground spin and shift. They already came out of the space.

“Boss, you appear. we are all anxiously dying.” Cheng Feifei took off the ice arrow in one’s hand and walk up. Looking at Gao Shuo and the youth around him, exaggeratedly said: “Boss, you cross a moment ago ba.”

“Thats right ah. Boss, did you also disgraced this fairy from ancient times? You are too bad.” Seeing a youth in a snow-white gown, few people’s eyes flashed a glimpse of surprise. Even if the hair short, they can not hide the whole body’s qualities.

              The youth stood blankly in the spot, letting them size up. The whole body reveal a touch of cold and clear, like the cold plums that bloom in the winter. If describe in one sentence, probably the autumn water is the god jade’s bone. It’s hard to move eyes.

              Sun Yang stood in front of the youth, directly judging from head to toe. He never been obscured by the mouth. Everyone didn’t care too much, but the youth doesn’t like him like this. The black pupils showing a cold touch, coldly staring at Sun Yang the same.

              Sun Yang who is talking happyly suddenly felt chill all over, looked at by faintly cold eyes. The voice became smaller and smaller, finally disappeared quickly. Seeing him not talking, the youth finally spoke up: “Weak chicken, shut up.”

“…” Sun Yang retreated a few steps and shouted: “Shit, why do I think of Little Skeleton when seeing him ah? Every time Little Skeleton’s skull look me, I have this kind of feeling.”

“He is Little Skeleton!” Seeing Sun Yang said this, Gao Shuo nodded, giving the answer. This unicellular organism’s intuition is powerful. Knowing naturally at first glance.

“No way!” Cheng Feifei rush up, about to touch the youth all over with her hands. Flesh grow on skeleton. This have to observe closely. The long gown’s front is directly opened, revealing the youth snow white chest. Cheng Feifei, a man’s wife, has a red face and quickly turned her face.

“Grow good lookingly like this, even I can’t let go of hands ah.”

              Gao Shuo quickly help the youth tidy up the clothes, then said the things they had encountered. He always thought that the space is Little Skeleton’s. While Little Skeleton ingenuity just open, so they didn’t quite understand these things at all.

              The youth suddenly reach and touch his small belly, not undestandingly said: “I feel something is wrong!” Since the body has changed, the lower belly situation always had an odd feeling. A cram as if it needs to be filled.

“What’s wrong?” Gao Yan asked immediately.

              The youth’s finger pointed at the lower belly. “Right here, very strange feeling.”

              There is no injury in the youth’s body. Gao Shuo is very understand this. He think about it, suddenly understand it. Said with a smile on his face: “You are hungry, just eat something.”

“Hungry? This is called hungry!” While being skeleton, in addition to the need to absorb energy, the youth didn’t eat anything. In the fuzzy memory, it seems that it’s really necessary to eat. Don’t know why, after changing appearance he had a lot of strange memories. Now in the middle of confusion, staring with big black cat eyes, grab into Gao Shuo: “Eat.”

“We just want to have a meal!” Sun Yang point toward fire in the side. Everyone walked together and had not yet enter. The meat fragrance that float from there already entered the youth’s nose. He took a stong breath, obviously only make him feel more hungry.

              There is a pot on the fire, the meat inside is mixed in the soup. The aroma is overflowing, the youth stretched his neck. Sniffed the pot edge, there is a hint of curiousity in the eyess. Stretching hand toward the hot pot, stretching hand about to grab the hot pot and stopped by Gao Shuo’s fast hands. There is a slight dissatisfaction in the eyes, look straight at the pot.

              Everyone teasing him manner. Sun Yang took out bowl from the space and hand it over with a bowl of meat, said laughingly:”Hurry eat ba. When you are skeleton, every time I ate you always take a look. Now you can really eat, eat more.”

              The white and tender fingers stretched to took the bowl, the youth look at the chopsticks. Didn’t quite understand relationship between chopsticks and meat in the bowl, simply threw the chopsticks directly and grab a piece of meat and stuffed it into his mouth. The meat that has just been cooked is hot, but the rich fragrance instantly breaks into the taste buds.

              The youth’s eyes are bright, the cat pupils immediately burst into bright hues. Clearly burnt, but didn’t want to spit the meat out. Chewed a few times and swallowed it right away. Then look at the hot red fingers, on one side the tongue just spit out. This action simply sprout meng over everyone.

              When the youth stood still, he just like a fairy. This action this way became so cute, like a large cat.

              Putting finger before one’s eyes, feeling the painful sensation from above, the youth once again disliked it. The body is really weak, can feel pain without being attacked.

              Seeing the youth want to continue to eat, Gao Shuo directly stop him. The youth is puzzled, look at the food at convex bowl. Gao Shuo used a pair of chopsticks to poke a meat and handed it to the youth, like coaxing child said: “I will feed you to eat, come, open your mouth, ah!”

              The youth immediately open his mouth and eat the meat into his mouth. While eating, look straight at meat in the pot. The cat eyes are round, threateningly squint at everyone around. Saying vaguely: “These are mine. You are not allowed to eat.”

“Slowly eat. There is more in my space, afraid that you aren’t enough.” Sun Yang laughed.

              When the youth listened to Sun Yang’s words, immediately felt relieved and concentrating on meat in the bowl. The two feeding one like this, ate five bowl in a moment. The youth touched the round belly, showing a satisfactory smile. Although the strength is weakened, but the things are delicious. No wonder the boss changed like that so early.


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Chapter 12: Gorgeous Big Change

As the golden light disappeared, Gao Shuo and the zombie also disappeared. Cheng Feifei rushed over and saw nothing. They are vanishing out of thin air. There is no trace.

              These Gao Shuo doesn’t know, he is immersed in the wonderful feeling. The force running in the veins for a week, and more impurities discharged from the body. Countless tiny veins are developed with the force movement and the body strength also became stronger.

              Didn’t know how long it been, when he finally regain conciousness from this mysterious feeling, he only felt the whole body is relax and peaceful. Whole body seems to be reborn, every pore reveal a pleasant feeling.

              Slowly opening eyes, Gao Shuo suddenly blanked in place. Let’s not talk about the scenery around this paradise. Sitting opposite him, who is the young man in his palms?

              The youth looks like he is about twenty years old. His eyes are closed and the long eyelashes are hung on the eyelids like wings. Looking at such close distance, even tiny pores on the skin can’t be seen. Gao Shuo has never seen such beautiful person that even if they sit still, can makes people unable to shift their eyes.

              The bangs in the youth’s forehead has drop to the corner of his eye. God made worse trick. Gao Shuo reach out and brush open the hair. This action even amaze himself. His line of sight went from the youth smooth round chin down to the small adam apple. Showing a beautiful and delicate collarbone, then go down…

              When seeing the two red dots on the youth’s chest, Gao Shuo suddenly sober up. Only then realize that the youth’s body isn’t an air. He quickly removed his gaze, he actually stared at a unkown stranger. Honesly it was too rude.

              Look down, Gao Shuo discovered that he also naked. Fortunately, the youth did not wake up, otherwise it’s too embarrassing. He stood up and look around. Surrounded by a green meadow. At the end of the meadow, there is a clear spring. The fish is playing freely inside.

              In the distance forest full of towering trees, there are several huts that can be seen faintly. Looming in the mist, like a fairyland. Occasionally, some unknown birds fly out of the jungle, making crisp chirping. Take a closer look, these birds’s wings are actually colorful.

              What is this place?

              How could there be such beautiful scene in apocalypse? With such doubt, Gao Shuo walked toward the forest. After passing through the forest, eye seeing several antique huts. Whether it’s carved hollow windows or walls woven by bamboo, all are peerlessly delicate.

              The unique fragrance of the forest leaves waver in the air. The scent is intoxicating, Gao Shuo took a deep breath. In apocalypse, only such an environment became a luxury. He open the door and went into the hut. The furnishings inside the hut are also antique, a table a chair are full of features.

              Searching in the room for a while, Gao Shuo found some clothes. He is relieved, these look so light, how awkward. The clothes are the classic long gown, didn’t know what the material is, very soft, light and thin. After getting dressed, Gao Shuo also chose for the youth outside the hut.

              At this time, there is a footstep outside the hut. When Gao Shuo walk out the door, seeing that the youth is coming over here. After seeing him, looking at his head like he is thinking about something, his eyes has same radiance like a child. The exquisite face with classy touch, coupled with light fruity the body, encourage people’s infinite imagination.

              Gao Shuo immediately turned his head and his ears were a little red. The always cold a ice water him actually looked at such a youth and couldn’t help but give birth to some thoughts of wanting to do something. He reluctantly suppressed the evil thoughts in his heart while handing the clothes in the hand.

“Wear the clothes ba. I found it in the bamboo house.” Felt the clothes in hand were taken away, Gao Shuo asked: “Do you know where this is?”

              After a while, still haven’t hear the sound of wearing clothes. Gao Shuo look back with a puzzled look. Seeing the youth holding clothes with blak face. There is a ignorant light shining in the eyes, looking at him confusedly.

“What’s wrong?” Gao Shuo couldn’t help but ask. Always felt that the youth seems a bit off.

“Bo, ss… Bo, ss… Boss…” As if it was the first time to opening mouth, the youth spoke unusually hard. He opened his mouth, trying several times before succeeded. Despite some stuttering, it is as clear as a broken jade.

? ? ?

             Gao Shuo is more confused. He didn’t understand why such unfamiliar youth would call him like that. Even, he felt a familiar feeling from this youth.

“Boss… I… I seem to have changed like you… ugly… swollen and fat…” The youth spoke again. his ignorant eyes staring at Gao Shuo with some incomprehensibility and grievances. .

              It’s the familiar feeling. Just like… Thas right, it’s the same like Little Skeleton…

              Zombie, golden light, Little Skeleton. What happened before is like a picture scroll in the mind. Gao Shuo suddenly bright, pointing to the youth: “You are a Little Skeleton!”

              Because Gao Shuo often shouted like this, the youth nodded immediately after hearing the familiar name. With accusing eyes, glare at him and said, “Is me… boss… don’t know me… angry…”

              Little Skeleton actually become a human. How can flesh and blood grow on skeleton? No, Little Skeleton is sucked into the zombie’s stomach. To say it, Little Skeleton and the fifth-level zombie are combined into one. Faced with the youth’s eyes who complained like children, Gao Shuo quickly reach out and rub the youth’s head. Saying “Sorry, I’m not forget, you have changed too much.”

“Mn!” Familiar movement calmed the youth’s emotions. He looked down at his body and poke the flat belly. Very unhappy. His strong skeleton is gone, the golden color also gone. The most handsome name is definitely gone. The most important thing is, it’s weak now, only a little stronger than the boss.

“Well ugly… Well weak…” The youth blinked, very wronged.

              This is also ugly, then he can’t apply for plastic surgery. Gao Shuo can’t help but shook his head and urged: “You quickly wear the clothes. After becoming like this, you can’t be naked. This is not good, understand?”

              The youth once again showed a blank expression. He doesn’t wear clothes at all, didn’t know what to do with the long gown. Remembering through the memory in the head, he randomly select a hole in the gown and put the head in.

              This kind of situation go into the corner of the eye. Gao Shuo cursed his careless self. Little Skeleton just became human, how can wear clothes all of sudden? He took the clothes and helped Little Skeleton wear it. Eyes gazing at this flawless body, trying to ignore certain places that shouldn’t be seen, also directly ignore the touch of the hands. He used the speed of fourth-level abilities to the extreme, under two three helped the youth get dressed.

              Finally got this difficult thing. Gao Shuo relieved, but the youth wasn’t willing. Probably because never wear clothes, uncomfortable all over. Stretching out the white jade fingers on the body, Gao Shuo quickly grabbed his hand and said: “Don’t move, I’m not easy to wear well.”

“Uncomfortable!” The youth’s temper rise. Boss control also too relax. This kind of thing has to be managed. “Uncomfortable to wear. You are human now, you know? As human, this kind of thing is a must.” Gao Shuo sighed. He can foresee the days when the weather is hot. He only hoped that Little Skeleton can get used to it as soon as possible.


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-The long gown is the traditional chinese style. Like this pic.

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Chapter 11: Resonance

After the fifth-level mutant zombie fell to the ground, vines that had emerged from the ground in the distance also landed on the ground and didn’t move. Fog in the sky gradually dispersed, revealing the true surrounding. Sunlight shines from the sky. The military base in the distance has been presented in everyone’s eyes.

“Leader, you ok ba!” Cheng Feifei took the lead and rushed over. Her palms flashed with a faint mist, watching around vigilantly. But only saw a zombie falling to the ground.

“I’m ok!” Gao Shuo shook his head and stare at zombie on the ground, eyes somewhat dejected. Little Skeleton was so powerful but died this way.

“How did Little Skeleton disappear?” Sun Yang lie on Yu Kun’s back. He can move his neck now, blinking both eyes. The first discovery is that the atmosphere is not right. The key is Little Skeleton’s impression on him is too deep, want to forgot but can’t forget. Suddenly lost a skeleton is like finding problem. He said this, Yu Kun and everyone else also feel it. Looking at Gao Shuo with doubt.

              Gao Shuo pointed at zombie on the ground, with some sadness in his tone. “He was swallowed by this zombie to try to save me.”

“What?” Listening to Gao Shuo talking about battle’s result, several people blanked at the same time.

              Can’t say what it feels like, Gao Shuo only felt that Little Skeleton is like his lucky star. From the time he appeared, he was lucky again and again. First escaping the zombie siege, then the ability upgrade and later helped him save Sun Yang. .

              Little Skeleton relied on him so much with that ignorant personality. The knowlegde that opens, it’s like the feeling of his own didi who had taken care of suddenly gone. Depression in the heart is without end and difficult to open up his heart.

              Cheng Feifei do the same move as Gao Shuo and turn over the zombie on the ground to check it. From the zombie’s appearance and the sharpness of the nail tips, she can roughly guess the approximate level of this zombie. Silently said: “Leader, you said it, we have to dissected this zombie. Leave the skeleton, will be Little Skeleton isn’t it?”

“Nonsense ba!” Sun Yang feels this proposal is really unreliable. In exchange for the other people’s cold eyes at the same time, quickly changed his mind: “Try try it ba. Maybe we can wait for the next Little Skeleton to exhortation us while pose and wave golden knife.”

              Gao Shuo pull out the knife in waist against the zombie’s remain. He didn’t hesitate to go down, seeing the zombie’s bowel about to broke. The zombie’s body suddenly burst into a dazzling golden light, forming a golden sphere. The blade is blocked out by a hard barier, the knife and the barrier collide. Can not get into it even the slightest.

              The golden light is getting brighter. The ball of light is spreading bigger. Four people keep retreating. After retreating to five steps, the golden light stop spreading. Can’t see what’s going on inside, can only feel that a strong force that is constantly rising.

“How is this going?”

              Everyone stare at the golden barrier. Cheng Feifei was curious and strike hard toward the barrier. Suddenly, a huge rebound force came from the barrier, directly hitting Cheng Feifei’s body. She flew out, fall on the ground, and taking a few steps back to stop. When everyone saw it, they stepped back. No one can guarantee that there won’t be dangerous things in the next second.

              The golden light, Gao Shuo frowned. He always sense that these golden lights seemed familiar, even the energy inside his body seemed to start boiling. He remember that Little Skeleton’s bones also golden. It is exactly the same color as this golden light.

              Unexpectedly, he remembered the night he met Little Skeleton. Golden light that descended from the sky was the golden light that allowed him escape a fatal injury. Is Little Skeleton and that golden light related?

              Just as he look at the barrier and ponder, the energy in his body was boiling more and more. Constantly moving back and forth in the body without his control. Seems to be guided by something invisible, the energy move even faster that the body muscels began to swell all over.

“Ah! Shuo ge what happened to you?” Sun Yang suddenly pointed at Gao Shuo, screaming.

              When the energy riots in Gao Shuo’s body, he suddenly glowed golden all over. The color of the light is exactly the same as the golden barrier from the zombie. In the blink of an eye, his whole body is wrapped in golden light, as if wearing a golden coat.

              The body is drawn by invisible force step by step toward the golden barrier. Gao Shuo’s face is slightly changed. Want to resist this force, but how to stop the legs? Energy in the body is more violent and the veins are about to burst. His face is distorted. He want to vent this pain, but doesn’t even have the strength to yell.

              Cheng Feifei and Yu Kun went forward to hold Gao Shuo. The hand touched Gao Shuo, also can’t move. The fingertips feels as if burning and can not touch him at all.

              In this way, Gao Shuo walk step by step to the barrier. The force that led him didn’t stop. Gao Shuo directly hit the golden light, there is no feeling of being blocked. He plunged into the barrier.

              In the barrier is the energy fluctuation of the □ □. After a burst of pop sound, Gao Shuo’s clothes directly burst off. Finally, the invisible force stop. He stood in front of the zombie, automatically reach out and held it claws tightly. Zombie’s body still glow in the golden light.

              The invisible force drawn them and automatically placed their palms face-to-face to each other. As if founding a same venting mouth, the violent force poured out of his body directly into the zombie’s body. The golden light of the two gradually intertwined. When the force flows to a certain level, suddenly it’s moved back to his body from the zombie’s body. Automatically goes up and down in the veins of the whole body.

              It’s not an irregular pattern. Instead there is a certain rule. What pictures are automatically unfolding in the mind? As if watching a movie, Gao Shuo’s blessing to the soul began to control these forces. He has a hunch that this has absolutely no harm to him.

              The power that constantly running in the body for a week, once again returning to the zombie’s body. This time, the power didn’t pass completely. Instead, it seems to go through the other’s veins. Gao Shuo can clearly feel the other body power. Wandering back to his body, then turn back to the other’s veins. The cycle begin again and again like this.

              The zombie’s body gradually changed. First, the teeth and nails slowly retracted. Then vines that entangle on the head automaticly gradually broken into ashes. His body’s rotten flesh gradually fell off, like in suede. Brush that straight to the ground, every time a piece drop, The original place has a white and smooth skin can be seen.

              The zombie’s glowing eyes gradually return to their normal appearance, slowly closed the eyes. Dark blueish lips became red. Even black hairs grew directly on top of the head.

              At this time, if Gao Shuo open his eyes, he will find that the zombie sitting opposite him have returned to normal. The golden light finally stopped at the most dazzling time. Like finding an opportunity, errupting more dazzling light than the sun in the sky. Then vanish.

              With the disappearance of Golden Light, there are Gao Shuo and the zombie…


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Chapter 10: Zombie VS Skeleton

“Found it, at nine o’clock on the left. About 20 meters away from our current position, but there are too many vines blocking the front.” With Little Skeleton’s buffer, Gao Shuo accurately found the vines’s core location.

“So far away!” Sun Yang frowned, trying to avoid this overwhelming vines, but also to accurately find the position of the bloodthorn roots. Killing in one swoop, it is too difficult in this mist of fogs.

              Little Skeleton sat down on the ground, boringly watching them together. The younger brothers is not giving power is trouble. When in the dead world, this is also the case every time you encounter a strong enemy. The boss is standing in front while he is killing behind. The rest will only be jealous or became meat shield. However, the only difference is that boss at that time is stronger than him.

              There is a very unknown atmosphere in the fog. Feeling that breathing this seems to threaten oneself. Little Skeleton is a little uneasy. He can’t wait to rush right away, grab the things that can threaten one existence in one paw and shatter it. For things he hate, will do everything he can to crush it.

              Thinking this way, Little Skeleton removed the third rib of his chest and held it tightly in his hand. This is the hardest piece of bone on his body, also the sharpest. Comparable to an artifact.

              There is a slight looseness below the ground. In the absence of everyone’s attention, some vines quietly approached everyone from under the ground. Closer, closer, they are quietly approaching. Seeing that it’s close to the prey, Little Skeleton’s feet slammed the ground and at the same time issued a “kakaka” warning.

              Gao Shuo immediately reacted and loudly yelled: “Quickly retreat!”

              Suddenly, countless vines emerged from gap under the ground. The flutter like snakes and entangled toward everyone. This time vines is obviously different from the previous one. It’s dark red, covered in barbs, hard and tough. Sun Yang didn’t observe for while and entangled in foot by a vine. A soft numb feeling immediately spread from ankle to the whole body. Sun Yang is numb all over and dragged into the fog by vines.

              Gao Shuo quickly rushed forward, quickly pulled out the knife in the waist and jumped into the air. Slashed on vines and made a “clank” sound. There is a spark at the junction of the knife and the vines. Gao Shuo distracted, the person turned in the air, quickly changed position. Avoiding vines behind him, at the same time. reach and grab Sun Yang.

              However the vines took Sun Yang out directly at the time, seeing Sun Yang’s danger, Yu Kun quickly rushed to rescue. At this moment, vines entangled in Gao Shuo’s waist and the vines’s barb directly pierced the flesh. The contained anesthetic contained spread all over the body immediately. Shit! Gao Shuo’s body is numb and directly dragged into the fog by vines.

              The whole process is slow. But in fact it happens in an instant. It’s too late to rescue.

“Leader!” Cheng Feifei shouted and rushed up. Wanting to grab his hand, but a step slower. When Gao Shuo entered the fog, more vines immediately rushed out.

“Boss!” Yu Kun is grabbing Sun Yang. Wanting to rush in, but his hand is full of vines and could not get close to the fog.

              Little Skeleton saw Gao Shuo being taken away by vines and immediately rushed up. He reacted the fastest and immediately rushed in. Vines felt Little Skeleton’s presence and immediately tangled up. Little Skeleton’s right hand grabbed the ribs as if holding a sharp sword. The hand shook in the air and crossed a bone shadow and destroysing these vines into pieces.

              Unfortunately there are too many vines. He has been attacked again and again. Little Skeleton trying to get close to Gao Shuo several times, and been blocked by vines. He growls, making terrible ‘kaka’ noise in his mouth. A pair of claws are lifted high and swiftly rotated in place.

              As he turned, a huge wind whirls in the flat bottom. Violently bouncing up, like a drill bit, directly passing through vines like a fishing net and came to Gao Shuo. A rib going down and the vines that wrapped around Gao Shuo was cut off.

              Gao Shuo’s body is numb and fell to the ground. Luckyly, the second ability began to immediately withstand the toxins in the body. His blood began to boil because of the toxic’s abilities. Unfortunately, the poison in the body is slowly converted into energy but the speed is very slow. He smiled bitterly, didn’t expecting that the bloodthorns would be so powerful.

              When came to explore, it was clear that there were only third-level mutated plants. Now it seems that it is a fifth-level mutated plant. Otherwise, how can even he had no way? How can it mutated so fast like this in just five short days? In the end what happened?

              The vines found that the target it want to absorb was saved and madly waving tentacles. More dark red vines came to attacked Little Skeleton. Little Skeleton looked up and snarled silently. He burst with a powerful momentum in his body. Obviously no sound, but there is a braying sound came out, turned into a fierce wind, and went to the vines.

              For a while, in the sky the vines is torn by this gust of wind into pieces. Bloodthorns soaring in pain making a strange call. Earth suddenly began to tremble, as if an earthquake occurred and the bloodthorn’s body began to rise. Countless soils are flying away with its movements.

                    When it finally stop moving, it turned out to be a zombie. This is a very big zombie that looks like the size of a group of three or four zombies. Countless vines flew over its head. As if its his hair, the zombie’s huge eyes glowed red light, staring dead at Little Skeleton. Violently opening mouth, spitting out countless dark black stuff like water arrows.

              Little Skeleton scolded Gao Shuo who still lying behind him and didn’t directly escape. He waved the rib to tightly directly blocking these water arrows. When he stop moving, he was surprised to find that there is a slight crack in his beautiful bone.

“Kakaka!” Little Skeleton quickly kick jump is his thing. He felt it when coming. This is his nemesis. Shouldn’t panic. Boss said, to things that are scary must be calm. Destroy it. Certainly must destroy it.

              Little Skeleton suddenly jump up from the ground and bring his speed to the limit. Disappeared in an instant, appeared in front of the zombie in the next second. The rib cut sharply like a knife and immediately cut off one arm of the zombie.

“Hou!” The zombie is hurting. Palm ruthlessly beating down as if its the force of Huashan. Little Skeleton quickly flashed to the side. Vines on the zombie’s head rushed all the way, directly targeting Little Skeleton. Directly smashing and torn apart Little Skeleton that was still in the air.

TN: Hou is like sfx for roar.

              Little Skeleton quickly disintegrate himself, divided into five parts. The zombie spit out a black water. Seeing that the black thing about to sprayed Little Skeleton’s skeletal body, a huge ice shield appeared in the front. Blocking this attack for Little Skeleton.

              Little Skeleton quickly assembled himself and smashed toward the zombie’s head. The zombie avoid him, the head suddenly became bigger. Opening mouth suddenly, Little Skeleton brakes too late, even plunged into the zombie’s mouth.

“Hey! Little Skeleton!” Gao Shuo that recovered is screamed and rushing. There is still time.

              Didn’t know what happened, the zombie screamed and began to shrink. Like suffering from great pain, suddenly it fell to the ground and didn’t move. Gao Shuo walked over, turn and looking the zombie over and over again. But nothing was found.              

Is Little Skeleton dead?


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Chapter 9: Worship Ba, Weak Chicken

“Boss! Great! You are fine!” Yu Kun heard the familiar voice and looked back. He saw Gao Shuo and excitedly shouted.

                         Gao Shuo walked to Little Skeleton, reached out and patted his smooth skull. Little Skeleton saw his expression and withdraw the posture. It turned out that there were several younger brothers came again. The boss’s speed of collecting younger brothers is very fast. Then, turned around and started to talk to the two new younger brothers.

TN: Lil Skeleton can’t differenciate between man and woman. So, he think Feifei is a man.

“Kakaka!” Listen, I am the first younger brother around the boss. Except the boss, you guys must listen to me.

“Ah!” Cheng Feifei screamed directly at Little Skeleton, eyes widened and trembled slightly. Sun Yang immediately opened his arms and waited for her to rush in his arms. Feifei finally looked like a girl.

              Fantasize that a beautiful woman is proud of Sun Yang, even with a little wretchedness. Knowing that Cheng Feifei has three steps and two steps in front of Little Skeleton. Her face is full of excitement, where there is a little bit of fear.

“Wow, very beautiful skeleton. It’s golden all over. Still alive, I’ve never seen it before.” Cheng Feifei went in front of Little Skeleton and boldly poked the other’s fingers. Her medical background, she not less seen skeleton. She is not be afraid at all.

“Kakaka!” Of course, I am the best most handsome skeleton. Seeing you praise me so much, will strive hard to take care of you more than that weak chicken. Littlle Skeleton nodded to Cheng Feifei.

“More you look, more cute. Can I touch your hand bones?” Cheng Feifei probe toward Little Skeleton to explore the hand bones. Seeing Little Skeleton didn’t budge, immediately touched a few time boldly with amazed eyes.

“Kakaka!” Looking at you worship me so much. In the future, I will give you a bit of my war spoils. Don’t thank me too much.

“Do you have your own memory? Can you understand me?” Cheng Feifei is more curious.

“Kakaka!” Of course I can understand. Younger brother, are you questioning my IQ?

“There has been a sense of ingenuity, amazing.”

“Kakaka!” Of course I am the strongest. You are all weak chickens.

              One person one skeleton keep talking one sentence. I begin to chatted ‘kakaka’ and God knows what they are saying? Sun Yang really want to worship these two. I know that it is such an expression, he haven’t seen what Cheng Feifei’s fear of. It’s not like a woman at all.

              Few people found a place to rest. Little Skeleton the big golden knife sits next to Gao Shuo, pretending to be a wise man again. Every time there is a new younger brother, boss must have a meeting to talk. It’s really troublesome. He turned to look at Gao Shuo. Why can’t you say something simple? Why do you pick on him that don’t understand?

              Gao Shuo saw the stunned Little Skeleton, reach out and handing over the notebook on one side. At the same time, changing a movie to Xiao Yan. He really didn’t want to see anymore a Little Skeleton fighting by Tai Chi. Little Skeleton immediately left the boss behind.

“Boss, this skeleton is real thing. I’m going all out but didn’t even have any damage. Your new member is really amazing. Can kill all people in the mercenary group.” Yu Kun said with amazement.

              Sun Yang stare at Yu Kun and Cheng Feifei full of depressed expression. Why did he feel terrible when looking at a skeleton? Also scared. “You, don’t you think that skeleton’s move is very surprising? Isn’t it amazing to have a skeleton as member?”

“This is apocalypse. There are even zombies, how strange is skeleton?” Yu Kun said. Of course, the truth is when playing Tai Chi is strange, but he will not express it.

              Prepared some food to eat. When Yu Kun raised a bowl of meat broth, Little Skeleton spontaneously stepped forward and put his hands in front of Yu Kun.

“Kakaka!” I want too.

“…” Yu Kun hesitated to hand the bowl to Little Skeleton. Looked back at Gao Shuo. “Boss, don’t tell me he also can eat ah.”

“No!” Gao Shuo replied while eating.

              Little Skeleton certainly won’t eat, but the boss and younger brothers are taking this thing. How can he fall behind? So Little Skeleton just put a bowl in front of him, then squinted and waiting for Gao Shuo to finish eating. Quickly pour for himself, thinking that no one will find it quickly, Little Skeleton throws the empty bowl to Yu Kun.

“Kakaka!” Be diligent as a younger brother, and wash the dishes.

              Looking at the action, Yu Kun understand. He touches his nose and silently withdraw the bowl. He can’t dispute with a skeleton.

              Gao Shuo look at meat in the bowl. There was some emotion in the heart. If Little Skeleton is human, he is strong, and simple minded. Must be a good member. Unfortunately, he just a skeleton.

              All the way through H city, few people finally arrive to their destination. The front is misty and foggy, visibility is very low. It is obviously more dangerous to enter the forest under such circumstances, no one knows what will happen in the next second?

              Although few people are very strong, but the expression is still inevitably dignified. Only Little Skeleton is the happiest, he skipping and hopping around Gao Shuo. The skeleton whole body trembled everytime he walk, seems like it will disintegrate at any time.

“You have to be careful. There are a lot of mutant plants nearby, especially at the front, there is bloodthorn vines.” Gao Shuo started to warn.

“If there are people with wind abilities, it would be fine. It’s not a trivial to get these fogs. Blame Lu Jincheng that bastard. A problem for our team.” Cheng Feifei snorted, her face full of anger.

              Just after a long walk, suddenly there was a black shadow came out of the fog. The speed was lightning fast, and there seemed to be some bad smell coming from the air.

              Take a closer look, these black shadows are paired with huge pair of wings, red eyes, and there is a long mouth on the head, like straw. This is the infamous zombie mosquito in the forest, it is mosquito that became a mutated human blood-sucking mosquitoes.

“Feifei!” Gao Shao shouted and wave his hand. A large piece of dense ice blade appear immediately. On the other side Feifei did the same and take out an ice blade.

              The overwhelming ice blade hits out. Immediately a lot of zombie mosquitoes were annihilated and a few sporadic couples that continue to rush up burned by Sun Yang.

              At this time, a sharp Solo’s voice came from the fog and at the same time, countless broken sounds sounded. Everyone is not weak, Gao Shuo immediately voiced to retreated.

              In an instant, countless dark red vines swarmed from the fog. Like countless flexible snakes, twisting the waist and rushing toward few people.

“Everyone be careful, this is the blood-sucking vine!” Gao Shuo hit the ice drill to stop the swarming vines while paying attention to the surroundings. There was no fog when he came last time. Now the fog blocked his sight. It’s not easy to accurately find the bloodthorn’s root to destrot it.

              Sun Yang’s hand is on the ground and a piece of earth fire rises. The fierce flame and the vines were chasing each other on the ground. Bloodthorns are very afraid of fire. When seeing fire, it will automatically retreat. However to destroy it, it is necessary to have a strong fire abilities. Sun Yang is a logistics person who majoring the space ability. The fire ability isn’t strong, can’t continuously burning such large flame for a long time.

              Gao Shuo certainly know this problem. Slightly frowning, his original plan was to take Sun Yang. The two rushed to the bloodthorn tree’s root, then kill the bloodythorns by their strong powers, but the fog interrupted the plan. The coldness suddenly increased and a piece of ice spread with his feet.

“Sun Yang, stop!” Gao Shuo took a step forward, the ice continues to spread. Countless ice drills appeared in the air and all vines that wanted to rush were broken into pieces. He went two more steps forward. The ice spreads into the fog and explores ahead. This is the skill that Gao Shuo has developed. In this case, he can just find out the situation inside.

              Countless vines continue to rush toward few people. The people did not dare to be careless and do the best to make the most powerful skills. If bloodthorn entangled the body, toxin will spread in the body, people will have no strength. This is a very dangerous thing.

              Little Skeleton flash left-right to hide. He hate these slippery and greasy things. There will be a lot of mucus sticking to his hands when cutting. It’s too annoying. Unfortunately there are too many vines. Little Skeleton is angry. He decided to make a big move and destroy all these nasty things.

              He raised his head, make a silent roar, and suddenly burst into a golden light. The right bone hand grabbed the left bone hand and rushed into vines. Everyone only saw a golden light flashing in place, bringing countless afterimages. It’s like there are countless Little Skeleton in the place. As soon as a vine appear, he ruthlessly cut it off.

              The vines seems to have a sense of ingenuity. Feeling the danger of Little Skeleton, it retracted into the fog. Not attacking. Little Skeleton mightyly return to the ground, looking at Gao Shuo. He is still awesome. Looking at the younger brothers to find him so reliable, these are still too weak chicken. But don’t be too powerful. Otherwise his status will be in danger.              

Gao Shuo couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to Little Skeleton. Little Skeleton is very excited to see this gesture. He raised his chin on several younger brothers. Kneel ba. Weak chicken.


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Chapter 8: Kung Fu Skeleton was Born

After two days of rest in the same place, two men one skeleton going toward the destination. Sun Xiang’s space contains some off-road vehicles. He took out one for the ride. This is Little Skeleton’s first time riding a car, he is curious and excited. In the narrow compartment, he directly divided himself into six pieces, squatting up and down. Finally flew the skull to the window and turned a few laps.

              The off-road vehicle drove fast and the zombies on the roadside were thrown away. Sun Yang took out a laptop and tap it. He seems to be calculating some trivial things of the cold night mercenary group that were handled by him. Most of the time, he didn’t have mission to go out, but helped Gao Shuo manage the mercenary group. This time, if the material is not too much, it will be important. He will not come out.

              Little Skeleton is bored and suddenly saw Sun Yang holding something. He think that the light from that thing looked very good, blueish, like the sky. Then, the two right and left hand bones rushed to the co-pilot. The speed is fast and accurate, directly grab the computer.

“Ah! Give it back to me!”

              Sun Yang reached out to grabbed it. But where is his speed compared to Little Skeleton’s? Two bone hands are holding the notebook and flew to the back seat. The little Skeleton assembled himself, shoulder shaking, voicing trembling “kaka” sound. Didn’t need to guess that Little Skeleton is very happy now.

“Give it back to me! That’s not something you can play with.”

              Sun Yang reach Little Skeleton’s hand, Little Skeleton shook his head and the phalanx poking the keyboard. Sun Yang mourned: “That data is important to me. Don’t mess around.”

              Little Skeleton poked a few times and looked at Sun Yang again. He felt that in order to show his first younger brother’s dignity, this thing should be held by him. At least, when he is impatiently waiting, he would play back with it.

“Shuo ge, you manage your family members ah.” Sun Yang reluctantly said to Gao Shuo.

              Gao Yan sees the scene behind him through the rearview mirror, and said to Sun Yang: “Relax, I will pay you back when he get tired of it.”

“…I am also your member ah. Don’t specialize because the other person is special ah.”

“Have you fight him before?”

              Sun Yang shook his head honestly. This skeleton is simply a metamorphosis, killing Luo Ning is like playing, let alone him.

“That won’t end!” Gao Shuo continues to drive, and his heart is actually a bit refreshing. Little Skeleton always despise his strength, now he had beaten others, his heart has finally balanced.

              Leader, do you know ooc! ! !

              Little Skeleton’s current IQ is only four or five years old. Sun Yang saw him tapping randomly the keyboard and afraid that he will mess up his accounts. He simply reach out and help, and bring up the video player. Inside there is still exists some movies he owns before the apocalypse. This should be no mistake in coaxing children.

              When the film started, Little Skeleton was scared. Then curiously looked at the notebook in his hand. He couldn’t figure out why there are so many people inside the box in his hand.

              Little Skeleton completely hooked on the notebook, staring at the screen all the way to concentrate watching. Thus when they were blocked by a group of zombies, problem occurred.

              Little Skeleton took a quick cheerful step and rushed toward zombies group, then…

              A Little Skeleton ruthlessly punched zombie’s head, the zombie’s head exploded. Little Skeleton’s right paw was tightly held together, posing Bruce Lee’s signature action.

              A Little Skeleton stood in the middle of the zombies, his hands crossed a curve in front of his chest. Forced to make a Tai Chi starter.

              Then a difficult twist kick, kicking a zombie to the ground. Then once the fight over, stepped on the head of the zombie.

              A Little Skeleton’s right hand become a knife. Sharp phalanx brush a few strokes, cut the zombie into eight pieces. Finding that it is not dead, at once cut zombie’s head in half.

              A Little Skeleton’s hands present tiger claws. Open the bow left-right to open and look forward, while blasting the heads of two zombies.

              A Little Skeleton’s right hand grabbed his left hand. Rushing into the zombie group like a wolf-tiger, waving his left hand and exploding the head of a group of zombies.


              In Sun Yang’s frame of mind, that picture is too beautiful. He doesn’t dare look.

              Gao Shuo’s iceberg face cracked again and could not continue to be calm. He turned and looked at Sun Yang, asking: “What the hell, why don’t you show him a little cartoon?”

“How can I make the cartoon thing. Besides, what will he learn if he saw the cartoon like crayon shinchan?”

              Sun Yang looked at Little Skeleton who shuttled through the zombies and wiped the sweat on his forehead. He decided to say nothing to provoke Little Skeleton in the future, otherwise he will absolutely die very miserably.

              Little Skeleton tried all the moves he had seen. He thought it was quite good. The weak chicken brother’s spoils is really good. He decided to be a little better for the weak chicken brother. At least, when protecting boss he will also paid attention to the younger brother. Thingking so, Little Skeleton nodded with satisfaction. He felt that he was too smart. The smartest skeleton in the world.

              Just at this time, Little Skeleton suddenly find that some voice coming from the front. He slammed hard and rushed to the crossroads. In an instant, a pair of ice arrows smashed the air and the lightning-like attack came toward Little Skeleton. With the same capability as the boss, Little Skeleton broke the ice arrow with a wave of his hand.

“Ei!” Woman’s crisp voice came from the dark.

              Then a black shadow leaped down from the opposite room, slamming down a fierce fist, and Little Skeleton remembers the movie he watched this morning. Putting strength in the right paw, make a lifting posture and the fist collided with the paw. There was a loud crash sound of power impact.

             The ground under Little Skeleton’s foot cracked countless cracks. In the blink of an eye, it collapsed directly. The shadows retreat a few steps and exclaimed: “I wipe, where is the skeleton, this is too bad.”

“A Kun, are you ok!” A hot woman jumped from upstairs, looking at Little Skeleton, asked worriedly.

              A Kun swing his numb arm:”It’s okay for a while. If you can’t run, maybe we will be in this city.”

              Little Skeleton slowly swing his claw up, draw a curve in the air, he made a standard Tai Chi posture. Left paw facing the two, he slowly hook the middle finger. He felt that this action is super handsome and it’s best to use it to the enemy afterwards.

“…” A Kun and Cheng Feifei instantly have the feeling of Sparta. When did the apocalypse become so illusory, a skeleton is playing Tai Chi, hehe?

              The atmosphere on the field changed very strangely in an instant. It was supposed to be a fierce battle. Because Little Skeleton stop moving temporarily, when both sides were deadlocked, a voice came from a distance. “Stop, all are family members! ”            

   Sun Yang who is behind Gao Shuo, silently added a sentence in his heart. It’s your skeleton!


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Chapter 7: Status Dispute

Boss quotation: I don’t want to be the first younger brother, not a good younger brother.

              Luo Ning was solved with the fastest speed. Little Skeleton was waiting for praise from Gao Shuo. See how smart he is. Knowing that boss wanted to save the weak chicken, he simply stood behind the weak chicken to protect him. Therefore, his first younger brother identity is definitely not shaken.

              After the crisis lifted, Sun Yang passed out. Gao Shuo looked at him with one hand, followed by a skeleton, and slowly walked back. As soon as he arrived at the ground, Little Skeleton immediately lay down on the bed and skillfully lit a cigarette, starting to being a depressed skeleton. Gao Shuo had to put Sun Yang next to him.

              Going out for a long time, body was messy and Gao Shuo got some water to wash his face. After seeing, Little Skeleton is interested and stretch the claws and begin to hold a bunch of water in the basin. Unfortunately the claws of the skeleton hands were rooted and can’t hold the water up. The clear and pure water is falling back along his phalanx. Little Skeleton looked at his round and sleek phalanx, and fell into a stun.

              Then he took the towel that Gao Shuo use to wash his face with then took his skull and wiped it very carefully. After a while, he removed the sternum and two leg bones and wiped it again. Finally he removed his left bone and about to rub when suddenly found that he can’t wipe the water with the right hand holding the left hand. He look back at Sun Yang who just woke up and handed the left hand bone to Sun Yang.

“Kakaka!” Help me hold it, weak chicken.

              Sun Yang maintain the messy wind up posture and mechanically took the left hand bone handed over by Little Skeleton. He felt that he hallucinate again. What is apocalypse? Why is it so illusory? Just a skeleton, what to wash?

              Little Skeleton wiped his left hand bone and in the same way the right hand bone is wiped. Assembled the whole body and walked back and forth two steps. He is very satisfied, smiled happily, and made a “kakaka” sound in his mouth. Suddenly there is a “putong” sound behind him, Little Skeleton uncertainly looked back. Sun Yang fell to the floor and did not move.

              He extended his claws and poked on Sun Yang’s face. No respond. He continued to poke and no respond…

“Kakaka!” What happened? Little Skeleton is a bit stunned. Then looked at the indifferent Gao Shuo and once again showed his dislike. Boss weakened. How to find the younger brother is also so weak and mysteriously went to sleep.

              Gao Shuo has already began to immune to Little Skeleton’s strange moves. He also can understand a little to Little Skeleton reaction. Suddenly he feels a little embarrassed that a skeleton always despise his strength. What is this?

              Sun Yang woke up and opened his eyes. In front of him is an zoomed version of the skull. His reflectively threw a punch and the skull leaped up, hanging over his vertex. The fist hitting empty and the skull head also look down at the fist at once. The hollow eyes are facing him.

“All right, stop bullying Sun Yang.” Gao Shuo had to talk to stop them.

“Kakaka!” Little Skeleton’s skull turned to look at Gao Shuo. The new younger brother is too weak. Would you like me to help you train ba? I used to train all the younger brothers.

              Even if he doesn’t understand, Gao Shuo can also see Little Skeleton’s dislike of Sun Yang.

“Shuo ge! You tell me, am I still dreaming?” Sun Yang looked at Gao Shuo, which is particularly calm and tried to calm himself down.

“I also want to dream, wait a minute!” Gao Shuo’s expression became very serious, he asked: “What happened in the day of my mishap? How are the other brothers now?”

              Sun Yang solemnly stand up and said, “That day Luo Jincheng said that he would discuss things with you. Our party would wait in the front and suddenly attacked by soaring dragon group. After we solved the sneak attack, we return and couldn’t find you anymore. We searched nearby for a few days, but still haven’t find you. After that, Lu Jincheng that bastard appeared. He said that you were killed by Luo Ning’s siege.”

              He paused and said: “The brothers were not willing to believe at the time, but Lu Jincheng said that soaring dragon would have been staring at cold night. Now the brothers in the base are afraid of being too fierce and can’t let you die. The brothers follow him to the base.”

              Gao Shuo’s body is largedly cold and asked:”Then how come you are here? How could you be caught by Luo Ning?”

“Lin Qing said that things are not right and I also feel there is a problem. I, Feifei, and A Kun once again went to the place of accident to investigate. It turn out that the soaring dragon group’s people were there. I followed and felt that something was wrong. Then found out that they were Luo Ning’s.” Sun Yang said:”The three of us originally wanted to follow quietly. The result was we were discovered by Luo Ning. I was caught in order to cover Feifei and A Kun. After listening to their conversations, I realized that everything was Lu Jincheng’s dirty trick.”

              After listening to Sun Yang’s words, Gao Shuo finally breathed a sigh of relief. At least, now it is certain that the brothers are fine. Lu Jincheng first will return to the base. Eighty percent wants to seize the opportunity to control the team. With the idea of his usual disguise, the team will be not in danger for the time being.

“Shuo ge, since I have found you, we have to hurry to go find Fifi and A Kun. Then go back to the base together. I will make Lu Jincheng that bastard look good.” Sun Yang said angrily.

“No, we will go to the military base outside H city. Wait until we get the supplies and go back. Your space and fire abilities are just what we need now.” Gao Shuo said,”We will go directly, maybe we can meet Feifei and the other.”

              Little Skeleton the big golden knife sits on a chair, looking at the country lanscape. When Gao Shuo speaks, he nods and conform. The skull shakes and creaks as if he is a wise man. The new younger brother is so close to boss, seriously threatening his status. Therefore, Little Skeleton absolutely must not let them know that he didn’t understand at all.

              When the talk reach half, it’s interrupted by a squeaky voice. The two looked back at Little Skeleton. In front of the younger brother, Gao Shuo is particularly calm. Sun Yang’s expression is a little worse. He asked directly: “Boss, what happened with is this golden skeleton ah?”

“Met at H city’s entrance, he saved me. So you equal to him, is our special member team!” Gao Shuo thought about it and saying this one sentence.

“Hehe!” Sun Yang hesitated and returned this one sentence. Which mercenary group has such a special group member ah. Team leader, you are so calm and good this way!

              Little Skeleton gazing at Sun Yang and suddenly stand up. All of sudden jumped in front of Sun Yang. The new younger brother’s arrogance is too high. This must be suppressed. Otherwise, there will be foothold for him in the future. So Little Skeleton raise his paw up and patted the bed under Sun Yang’s buttocks. “Huala” sounded. The bed broke directly into waste and Little Skeleton looked down at Sun Yang. “Kakaka!” Weak chicken, dare to provoke my first younger brother’s authority. This bed is your end.


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Chapter 6: Power Match

After Little Skeleton stood up, he looked at the front group with his head, and he heard all the words. Although there were too many words and didn’t quite understand most of them, but he still understood a small part. Gao Shuo=Boss=the person to protect. So that weak looking guy is the boss’s younger brother. Not quite like that ah, how did he never seen the boss’s younger brother?

              What makes Little Skeleton tangled most is why do these guys have made themselves fat and swollen. Too ugly. He looked at his claws, golden, bright and shiny, how pretty. The not understand Little Skeleton decided to go back to ask boss. He leaps forward and disappeared in light speed. During the goup ahead, no one can found it.

              Little Skeleton is amazingly fast. He runs up and a gust of wind blows up. When he returns to the supermarket, he is dumbfounded, because boss is gone. He knocks his head with his claws. For a while, he’s lost. The boss won’t be lost ba.

              Luo Ning’s people walked down the road and didn’t know if it is a coincidence, but the road they took was just the one that Little Skeleton came from. The zombies along the road have long been solved by Little Skeleton. No danger was found along the way. .

              In places they couldn’t see, Gao Shuo was hiding in the dark, carefully observing their movements. After waiting for so many days, finally letting him wait there, a total of six people, four are third-level ability users, the remain two are also an outstanding second-level ability users. Fang Lixuan really has a bloody way to kill him. If these four third-level ability users are dead in H city, Fang Lixuan will probably vomit blood.

              When he saw Sun Yang who was injured, Gao Guang’s eyes flashed a cold light. He followed up silently, not close nor near behind the team. It isn’t a good time to shoot now.

              Although his abilities are stronger than a few people, but Sun Yang is in the other party’s hand. He can’t guarantee that when he starts, he can kill six people in a flash. If he missed and leaves Sun Yang to one unfavorable person, then it’s not worth it.

              After turning a corner, there are a few zombies scattered on the roadside. A fire ability user around Luo Ning waved a handful of fireballs and kill the zombies. Suddenly stepped on a hard object, the person looked down and saw a hand bone. He looked strangely forward and found that bones was scattered around the roadside ground. The bones were thrown everywhere, he oddly said: “Ning ge, this H city is really evil. How can the bones be everywhere, and all particularly golden.”

                Sun Yang’s head hang very low, trying to conceal the shock in his eyes. The bone claws under his feet sneaked to his trousers and rubbed them twice. He even compared himself to a middle finger. He felt that he needed to treat his head urgently. Otherwise, how can you see such an amazing scene.

              Luo Ning narrowed his eyes and looked at the lifeless skull under his feet. It was more unusual than a monster. He didn’t believe everything was a coincidence. He could live in apocalyse until now, he relied not only on strength, but also be careful and cautious. The hand flip over and a thunder attack struck down, straight toward the skull.

              When the thunder went down, the skull absolutely scummed into the dregs. Unfortunately, the picture that everyone expected did not happen. Just when the thunder was about to hit the skull, the skull suddenly moved and went straight out a few meter away like a football. An invisible force directly lifted it to the air, and the upper and lower jaws collided together. Making a “kaka” sound that made people scalp numb.

              Then, the five skeletons on the ground scattered around life-likely. They jumped up automatically in front of everyone, swinging in various weird movements.

              Everyone took a sip of cold air, stared at Little Skeleton with wide eyes. On their moment of absentmindedness, Gao Shuo acted. He jumped out of the darkness and swiftly pulled out a dense ice blade. Such an intensive attack. However, it happened to avoid exactly the position of Sun Yang, showing how accurate his control is.

              If the fourth and third level are compared, it is more than just a number, including strength and speed. Luo Ning’s people side suddenly found that they were attacked and reacted quickly. One of the soil abilities immediately came forward. Didn’t see how he moved, immediately there is a thick earth wall in front of everyone. The ice blade hit the earth wall and made a strong penetration. It went straight through the wall and exploded.

“Ah!” Immediately there was a scream, and a second-level ability user were directly worn by the ice blade.

              At this time, Sun Yang also had an action. There is a strong flame was created in his palm, burning the vines that bind him. At the same time, the wood abilities saw the vine condition and wanted to catch Sun Yang again.

              While the fire and the thunder raid come, where will Gao Shuo let Sun Yang be caught again? Under the foot, immediately there are countless ice drills protruding from the ground, attacking from the bottom up. Few people are rushing ducking the ice drills and watched Sun Yang pull away from them.

              Seeing Sun Yang out of trouble, Gao Shuo’s heart is fixed. Once again waving to produce a dense ice blade. At the same time, he violently rushed out and pulled out the knife at the waist. The difference between levels are quickly revealed. He easily kicked off a few intensive attack, and hand began to fell from the knife. After the cold light flashed, the wood abilities slammed their chests to the ground.

              The ground suddenly trembled and the earth ability users manipulated the ground to churn. The feet were unstable, Gao Shuo body was pulled up, and rose to the sky. At this moment, Luo Ning’s thunder and fire of the fire abilities were directed to attack at him at the same time.

              Gao Shuo can’t dodge in the air, he directly condenses a hard ice wall in the front. At the moment of landing, the two hard ice drills penetrated the heart of the soil abilities and second-level ability users.

“Are you advanced?” Luo Ning exclaimed. There is trace of fear in his eyes. He did not expect that Gao Shuo with the injury is so heavy, not only can recover so quickly, but also advanced. The advance level was more difficult to challenge, no one has ever succeeded.

“Not bad! Fang Lixuan must regret it, sending you guys out. I remember that you are all elites of the soaring dragon group. Die so much, he is expected to be mad ba.” Gao Shuo sneered.

              Here, Luo Ning has already retreat. He doesn’t want to be killed in vain. Only seeing  that his body suddenly shaking and immediately disappearing in place. There is no trace of disappearing in an instant. Luo Ning’s second skill is hidden. Many opponents of soaring dragon group are dead under Luo Ning’s hidden ability.

              Gao Shuo’s thoughts are flying and he suddenly leaping toward Sun Yang. At the same time, he bowl over a large piece of ice blade. Several ice blades that fell down were suddenly blown out of thin air. At that position, Gao Shuo immediately rushed over.

              The fire ability user saw through Luo Ning’s mind and immediately stepped forward. He knew very well that as long as Luo Ning seized Sun Yang, they have hopes of escaping.

“Get out of the way!” Gao Shuo suddenly waved his hand to make a water curtain. The fire ability user look at the water, but stopped and randomly dodge toward him. His purpose of blocking Gao Shuo had been achieved. The water falling to the ground suddenly burst and the water splashed on the fire ability user’s hand. Directly penetrated into his skin. After a moment, he screamed and fell to the ground. Then died of bleeding from his seven opening .

              Everyone in the Guangming base knows that the head of cold night mercenary is a dual-skilled person, but no one knows what his second ability is?

                   Here, Luo Ning has already rushed toward Sun Yang. Electric current in his hand knocked the opponent down, and at the same time a knife is against the other’s chest. He said to Gao Shuo: “Let me go, or kill him.”

              Gao Shuo’s expression is really weird. Like seeing something dispirited, the mouth is slightly pumped, and Luo Ning’s heart suddenly broke. Is it because Gao Shuo can’t control regardless of Sun Yang’s life and death. Then he can’t stop shaking, because he saw Sun Yang came over from a few meters away and stared at him with wide eyes.

              Luo Ning is cold all over. Sun Yang is opposite him, then who he was holding? Look down, a golden skeleton was kneeling on the ground, staring at him with head, and paws clutching the knife in his hand. Seeing him turn back, on one force, the short knife is crushed like a broken glass and falling into pieces.

              Xiao Yan faced the debris on the ground and look innocently. Gao Shuo voiced a sighed, this guy is simply showing off ba. Don’t ask him why he saw it.


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Chapter 5: Sun Yang

These days, Gao Shuo begin to familiar with Little Skeleton, and can also guess a simple meaning for some of the facial expressions of Little Skeleton. One man one skeleton finally has a little bit basic communication. During this period, Gao Shuo has already explored the surrounding routes clearly and the location of the military supplies was also determined.

              Just in the vicinity, there are a lot of bloodthorn vines. This kind of bloodthorns will wrapped in the human body, immediately causing numbness and hallucinations. Bloodthorns take the opportunity to absorb the blood inside the human body, until the person sucked dry. But their nemesis is fire, so at least one strong fire ability user is needed.

              After Gao Shuo decided to solve this matter, he will immediately took the collected supplies to brethren. Killing a low-level zombie that had come over. Gao Shuo walked back to the supermarket, went to the third floor and look at the scene at the time, Gao Shuo’s lip edge was lifted up. He found that since he met Little Skeleton his expression had been more and more diverse.

              Little Skeleton lay on a soft big bed, his left leg was placed on the right leg, crossing his leg up. There is a cigarette in one hand, put in on the mouth edge, and the other paw was placed on the side of the body, continuously tapping the bed. From time to time, the ash was bounced to the ground. Like a melancholy youth, seeing Gao Shuo coming back, threwing the cigarette and lighter aside directly to him.

              For only a Skeleton to do these act, really couldn’t help but feeling awkward. He funnyly take the cigarette, and took a sip after igniting. After he found the smoke yesterday, the smoking behavior was seen by Little Skeleton. He had an example and learned thoroughly.

              Found a place to sit down, Gao Shuo picked up the compressed biscuits found in the downstairs before and ate it. Counting the time, those who searched for him should have arrived in H city. Just don’t know how many surprises they can give him, when destroyed these abilities users, broke Fang Lixuan’s arm, went back and slowly settling account with the other party.

              The water in his hand was suddenly taken away. Gao Shuo looked back and saw that Little Skeleton was pouring water into his mouth. Unfortunately, his skeleton could not hold anything and the water fell directly from the gap of the bones, all spilled on the ground. There is also a compressed biscuit on the floor, which obviously fall of Little Skeleton.

              Little Skeleton lowered his head, looking at the compressed biscuits and water on the floor, then picked up a compressed biscuit and stuffed it in his mouth. Without a doubt, the compressed biscuit fell to the ground again. He looked up and the skeleton empty eyes met Gao Shuo. Obviously there is no expression, but it revealing grievances and wronged.

              When Gao Shuo saw this scene, he finally couldn’t help but smile. The corner of his mouth unconsciously lifted up, revealing a faint smile. As the head of the Cold Night Mercenary Corps, Gao Shuo’s indifference was notorious. Basically no one saw him laughing before. If this is for the members to see, it is estimated that their chin will fall.

              Understanding Gao Shuo’s smile, Little Skeleton seems to be angry. Violently lifting his foot and stepping on the ground a few times, directly crushed those compressed biscuits into pieces. Gao Shuo shook his head, there is a trace of pamper flashing in his eyes. Picking up a fish net from the shelf on one side, remove one small piece of it, then wrap it around Little Skeleton’s waist, and say to Little Skeleton: “Try it now!”

              Little Skeleton picked up a biscuit and put it in his mouth. This biscuit fell on the fish net. He felt like discovering a new continent. He stuffed it one by one. For a while it felt too slow and he simply take off his skull head, then directly stuffed a pack of compressed biscuits directly into the stomach. Boss is amazing, solved this problem so quickly.

              Gao Shuo looked at Little Skeleton’s appearance and felt that this feeling was wonderful. There is a feeling of caring for a child who is not sensible. Little Skeleton suddenly seems to think of something, the skull head is moving, stand up immediately, and pour the biscuit in his stomach out, stitch it up again, and leave the house one by one.

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              At this time, appear a group of people at the entrance to H city. Among the youth, one was tied in quilt. He was injured and there were several wounds still bleeding. Obviously he had just experienced a fierce battle and looked very weak and uncomfortably walking in the middle of the team.

              After a long walk, the young man who walked in the front stand at the intersection and looked at the city road and opening his mouth: “It seems that this is the H city. After entering the city, everyone is cheer up. If Gao Shuo is still alive, he absolutely hiding in this place. Xuan ge said, live to see the person, die to see the corpse.”

TN: The ge here is the bro one.

              The person behind listened to someone at once and asked: “Xuan ge is not a bad person. If Gao Shuo becomes a zombie, where can we get to find it? In case it divided of being eaten that even there is nothing left.”

              The young man who had been tied up sneered and said scornfully: “Just rely on you. Wait ba, Shuo ge will kill you all.”

“Before that, you should still take care of yourself ba!” The young leader said with a sneer: “I didn’t find Gao Shuo, it is not bad to find you. Sun Yang, tell me. Where is the material?”

              Sun Yang’s face was of mocking and laughing: “Luo Ning, it’s weird that you asked this question. Isn’t Lu Jincheng working with you? He didn’t tell you the location of the supplies. It seems that the IQ of your Soaring Dragon group is not very good.”

“Shit!” Luo Ning smashed Sun Yang’s foot, then revealed a sinister smile. Reaching out and grabbing Sun Yang’s face. “I found out now. It turns out that you are pretty good, much better than those plaything on the base. It must be pretty good taste to play.”

              After listening to Luo Ning’s words, Sun Yang couldn’t help but to feel cold and couldn’t stop shaking. Luo Ning was very satisfied with his reaction. Laughingly said: “Now can you think of the position of the supplies?”

              Sun Yang is silent and didn’t talk while gritting his teeth. In Luo Ning’s eyes flashed a glimpses of light and said to the people around him: “Look at this kid. Our advanced city, if Gao Shuo sees that his brother has been caught by us, I will definitely come out by myself. After finishing him, this kid will be rewarded to you guys. I don’t believe that he will never speak.”

              The group immediately walked toward the city and saw a skeleton on the side of the road. Luo Ning kicked it off flying, the skeleton fell to the ground and fall apart.

“Where this skeleton coming from, it is golden.” Luo Ning looked at the skeleton’s pieces and felt that something is wrong. After watching a few times and saw nothing happened, suspiciously looking forward. Perhaps he think too much.              

After the group left, Sun Yang looked back without any idea, his heart suddenly slammed and eyeballs almost fell. He saw that the smashed skeleton’s body assembled itself. Seeing him look back, it also deliberately waved it paws. He really hurt his head and hallucinating.